Exploring the American Southwest Desert – Spring 2016

The vast and amazing territory of the US Southwest desert is something I always had a dream of exploring. From the splitter cracks at Indian Creek to the rugged trails of Moab and Sedona, there is endless beauty in the desert.

One of my best mates from UC Berkeley and I climbed and mountain biked our hearts out. It was peacefully instinctual to live a simple life of waking up, playing outside, eating, and sleeping.

Enjoy these tales best told by the video edit! (Credit: Rigel Bricken)

photo sampler

Our trip took a counter clockwise approach starting in Los Angeles, and we visited the following locations on the way: Joshua Tree National Park, CA  ->  Sedona, AZ   ->  Indian Creek, UT (Including Canyonlands National Park)   ->  Moab, UT (Including Arches National Park)  ->  Brice Canyon National Park, UT  ->  Zion National Park, UT  ->  Red Rocks National Park, NV.


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